Access your account by resetting password

1. Clicking Fogort your passward

2. Inputting your email registered in KickStarter

3. Go to mail box to reset your password and login to our system


Input your Phone Number in account information

We need you to input your phone number for shipping. Click here to member centre and input it. 

Select Item and Add On

You can select any item according your credit amount (Pledge in Kickstarter). If you want to add on, please add the extra items to cart. Add on payment will be charged by paypal separetely.



Fast checkout & double confirmation

Check out and double confirm your address and information. 

Make sure you have pressed the CONFIRM ORDER button check out page: 


Trace your order


Order status / record will be shown in your account. When order is ready to ship, you will receive an email notification.





Status Shown in order


Pending - Your order is confirmed and no add on payment.

Money received - Your order is confrimed with add on payment also.

Ready to ship -  We are ready to ship your parcel.

Shipped - The parcel was shipped with tracking code in remark section. 

Need Help ?

If you have any question please contact us via the "CONTACT" button.



Q1: When I input the email to reset password, but there is no record?

A1: We are inputting the data in the system according the backer #ID, please follow our facebook to know more.

Q2: My Backer #ID is allowed to login to system, but there is no email record?

A2: Please contact us to assist.  

Q3. Credit problem - When I login to system, my account does not show / does not match any credit I have pledged before.

A3: Please contact us to assist.